It the front page news everywhere here in the States – the newly enacted pat down and search techniques that the TSA are using on airline travelers is escalating into serious dissatisfaction and semi-societal revolt.

Today there was the supposed “opt-out” protest that turned out to be a non factor, and really didn’t disrupt much of anything.

Needless to say, we are the land of capitalism and a business opportunity has presented itself.

Introducing Rocky Flats Gear, a website that positions themselves as the manufacturer of a revolutionary flexible, attractive, lightweight, Lead (Pb) free, radiation garment.

Their emphasis, per their website,  is on protecting the traveling public, airline, medical, and security professionals from radiation. “Our novel products can protect tissues from a broadband of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation generated by imaging equipment and natural sources. For the first time, radiological shields are attractive, durable, affordable, fun, and comfortable to wear.”

Developed by electrical engineer Jeff and his artist wife Mary, to protect the traveling public, security, medical personnel, and patients from the harmful effects of T-wave and X-ray radiation.

The site goes on to proclaim that the Rocky Flats Gear products were designed to be, “affordable, attractive, and comfortable for every day use. Background radiation has increased over the decades from atomic weapons testing, coal power plants (thorium-40 emissions), industrial accidents, medical/security imaging, and use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions putting us all at greater cancer risk and generational DNA damage. We are bathed in radiation from a variety of sources both natural and man-made, we are trying to do our small part to improve general health and enhance dignity.”

There’s something for men and women and children at the site. All at seemingly reasonable prices. Each garment has a very decorative and honestly tasteful patch that protects your private areas from the prying TSA scanner eyes.

If you find yourself so inclined check out their site here.

Let us know if you buy some of these garments and what experience is going through the security checkpoints.

Side question – do you think this is security risk?


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