Kenneth Cole will be celebrating this holiday season with his “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR” campaign, kicking off the brand’s first ever digital “Wish List” and corresponding iPhone application that promises to make holiday shopping easier and more fun than ever before.

The Kenneth Cole Wish List is an interactive digital gift registry designed to allow consumers to easily create and share their personal holiday wish lists with friends and family. The program enabling shoppers to create comprehensive holiday Wish Lists by selecting items from a variety of tangible and intangible gifts that can either be Kenneth Cole, or non Kenneth Cole related.

Consumers can then encourage others to fulfill their Wish Lists by sharing them through email, Facebook, and Twitter. The recently launched iPhone application allows users to take their Wish Lists with them, and when near one of the Kenneth Cole stores will receive a reminder on their phones about a Kenneth Cole Wish List item that remains to be fulfilled. Pretty slick huh ?!

Wish lists are created by selecting items from a list of gift categories that have been curated by Kenneth Cole and the Kenneth Cole community, some of which include: Women’s Clothing, Men’s Accessories, Electronics, Beauty, Art, Real Estate, Doing Good a list of less tangible gifts such as supporting an important cause or fulfilling a dream, or peace on earth. Participants will also be able to recommend items be added to the existing gift categories that they aren’t able to find. Shoppers in need of gift ideas can visit the “Our Friends” section of the site to check out lists created by Kenneth himself, as well as some of the A-list friends of the house.

In the spirit of holiday gift giving, Kenneth Cole will award surprise badges and incentives to people acting on their Wish Lists. Add too many Triumph Bonnevilles to your list and you may get a “Greedy” badge; suggest a contribution to your favorite charity and not only will the company add a link to the organization’s website in an effort to encourage donations and volunteerism, but you may also be bestowed a “Hero” badge.

Sounds like Kenneth Cole is bringing some fun into the shopping experience. I’ll be visiting my local store this weekend and will let you know how everything works.

You can download the free Kenneth Cole Wish List iPhone app here.


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