For $279 you can have a much coveted white iPhone.

That’s the price 17-year old Fei Lam from Queens is selling the full body conversion kit for on his website: WhiteiPhone4Now.

Fei Lam and the White iPhone 1

Is it legal? Well – the good folks on Infinite Loop in Cupertino are now in direct conversation with Lam to, more than likely, issue him a cease and desist notice.

How this all started

According to Lam, who is fluent in Chinese, he first came in contact with his contact after receiving a spam message selling Apple replacement parts. He decided to reply to the message on a whim, and soon began talking with his future supplier about the parts.

Months later, Lam says, he learned his contact used to work at Foxconn, and still has friends there. According to Lam, only “some parts are from Foxconn” and that “nothing illegal was done behind the scenes.”

Fast forward a few weeks, and now Lam is taking orders left and right, rolling in the dough. He’s done an ingenious job of finding a way to fill the want of the tech community by providing a means of delivering a hugely sought after product.

Well, now, according to a great article in The New York Observer, Lam has been contacted by a private investigator who was/is working for Apple, and now is looking at, more than likely, ending this brief e-commerce outlet.

Fei Lam has gone out and got himself a lawyer, Andrew M. Jaffe, they are planning to wait and see what Apple brings to the table. But, until then, you can head over to WhiteiPhone4Now and place your order for the $279 full conversion, $135 back panel, or the $169 front panel and home button.

What do you think of this whole thing? Is Fei Lam in the wrong? Should he be punished? Or is it more of a buyer beware situation? Chime in below in the comments.

Fei Lam and the White iPhone 2



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