DISH Network today became the first pay-TV provider in America to introduce a true TV Everywhere(TM) offering, giving DISH Network subscribers the ability to watch all of their live and recorded television programs on compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops. DISH Network subscribers can access these features when they download and use the DISH Remote Access application in concert with their broadband-connected, Sling-enabled receiver.

“DISH Network is proud to be the first pay-TV provider to bring our customers the ability to enjoy their TV anywhere, anytime on a variety of popular devices,” said DISH Network Chief Marketing Officer Ira Bahr. “Unlike mobile viewing from cable and telcos that limit access to select programs, our TV Everywhere services give consumers 24 x 7 access to all of the live and recorded content included with their DISH Network programming subscription.”

Introducing Sling Adapter

DISH Network Introduces America's First True TV Everywhere Offering 1To enjoy the live viewing capability of DISH Remote Access, consumers need to be DISH Network subscribers and have a Sling-enabled device such as the newly-released Sling Adapter – a small placeshifting device that pairs with DISH Network’s ViP 722 or 722k HD DVRs. With a Sling Adapter, customers can then view their high-definition or standard-definition DISH Network programming, including live and recorded shows, on compatible mobile devices or laptops.

The Sling Adapter is powered and operated through a USB connection, offering an easy, plug-and-play set-up without the need for any other wires or connectors. The Sling Adapter is available for $99 to new and current DISH Network customers.

Regardless of what mobile device you own, the DISH Remote Access app is free and available in your respective app download environment (iTunes App Store, Android Market, etc.).

All platforms of the DISH Remote Access app provides the following features:

  • Enjoy live TV programming from all subscribed channels
  • View all DVR recordings
  • Manage recordings and delete shows
  • Use a mobile device as a remote control
DISH Network Introduces America's First True TV Everywhere Offering 2


  1. The introduction to the Sling Adapter was pretty brilliant. Instead of having to stay at home and watch my recordings at home, I can watch my favorite shows from wherever I choose. The possibilities are endless. I’m glad to be apart of such a dynamic company. -Chris

  2. HD is taking over the television world, as we all know and DISH network is the way to go due to the amount vs. price for extreme TV. When purchasing a new TV, it is really hard to not buy one in high def. Currently DISH network is offering the best HD programming in the industry and the packages are loaded with your favorite channels all in high definition. My favorite shows are so much more realistic and captivating with HD that I am certain I will never go back. I happen to work for DISH, so I know what I'm talking about! 🙂


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