I consider myself an amateur photographer, at best. I shoot with a Nikon D80 and realize that the camera itself is what’s making my family vacation pictures come out so good (not any skill on my part).

Along with photography being a hobby, I’m also a technology and gadget freak (check out our sister site, THE Tech Scoop and you’ll see what else I typically blog about).

That being said, check out this ultimate gift idea for the techie and photo hobbyist in your life. The fine folks at photojojo.com are selling the Camera Lens Mug that looks exactly like your favorite Canon or Nikon lens, except it’s a drink mug.

Mug specs

  • Made of plastic mugs with stainless steel lining
  • Lens-cap lid, rubber-grip focus + zoom rings, auto-focus switch
  • Nikon mug actually zooms
  • Canon is 3.3″ diameter, 4″ tall
  • Nikon is 3.3″ diameter, 6.5″ tall
  • Both hold approx 11 oz of liquid

Pricing is $24 for the Canon mug and $30 for the Nikon (you pay a little more for that “zoom” functionality).

Buy the The Camera Lens Mug at the Photojojo Store!

[hat tip to Darren Rowse @problogger and Digital Photography School @digitalps]



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