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In what is being deemed a revolutionary move, GameMine is introducing the ‘buy, sell and trade’ video game market found at major “brick and mortar” retailers at an online alternative hosted on its new website,

Registration is now FREE, providing access to all features on the website including, game information, purchasing, preordering, renting, and trading towards purchase or for cash. GameMine offers an unprecedented inventory to support its release and maintains bleeding edge security for transactions.

Consumers can acquire game-trading values to compare with competitors through online tools found on GameMine’s website titled, “What is My Game Worth?

In effort to support the platform and the company’s increasing membership base, GameMine has expanded its Distribution Centers, opening locations in New Jersey, Florida, and Nevada with a fourth location to open in the mid-west shortly after release.

“GameMine: The Game Station, now offers the best of both worlds of retail and rental. With a ‘keystroke,’ consumers can now ‘buy, sell, trade, and rent’ video games for their home or portable console, and in the comfort of their own home using A new day has dawned from the restless sleep our economy had brought upon the world. We humbly hope our success represents the perseverance of the ‘little guy’ surviving the worst economic downturn our country had faced in a century,” states Mr. Daniel J. Shamy, CEO.

I checked out the site this evening – looks like they have all the primary consoles covered; everything ranging from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Get your holiday game shopping started!

One Stop Shop For Gamers 2


  1. James,
    Thanks for spreading the word about GameMine! We're very enthuastic about our new upgraded website and are gearing up for a fanstatic 2011!
    -Brent at


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