Control What's on the Radio Anywhere, Anytime With Jelli 1Jelli changed the face of radio by putting music fans in live control of their local radio stations. Now the company is making the experience mobile with the Jelli iPhone app, so fans can control what gets played on the FM radio or streamed live through the app any time and from anywhere.

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What is Jelli?

Jelli is a social music experience that lets listeners control what plays on the radio from the web and now the Jelli iPhone app. Jelli users vote for the artists and songs they love and want to hear, together creating dynamic playlists that determine in real time what will play online and on FM radio stations across the country.

“Almost a quarter of a billion Americans listen to radio every week and two thirds of it happens away from home,” said Mike Dougherty, Jelli CEO. “The Jelli iPhone app makes it easy and fun for listeners to participate in a community of music fans, and to control their favorite radio station on the go.”

The new Jelli iPhone app includes features to make the radio listening experience interactive and social:

  • Join the social broadcast – Every station on Jelli is completely community-controlled. Playlists are dynamic and shaped in real-time by the votes of the community participating online and using Jelli on the iPhone. When Jelli broadcasts on FM, everything that happens on Jelli determines what plays on terrestrial radio stations.
  • Choose a station – Jelli users simply swipe through the Tuner to browse all the stations on Jelli, including genre stations (such as Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Country) and actual FM stations that broadcast Jelli.
  • Voice your opinion on what’s playing – Everyone playing Jelli can voice their opinion on the songs that are on the air by tapping “Rocks” or “Sucks.” The rockometer shows what all the listeners think about the song. Jelli users are rewarded for selecting songs that the community thinks “Rocks” and if enough people think a song “Sucks,” it’ll get pulled off the air, even in mid-song.
  • Shape the playlist – All the songs on Jelli are chosen by the listeners on the Jelli iPhone app and at in real-time. Jelli users can see the top scoring songs for each station, and browse the full catalogs, voting for songs they want to hear. Every vote adds to a song’s score, and the songs with the highest scores get on the air.
  • Power up with Rockets & Bombs – As users play Jelli, they earn Rockets and Bombs, which give them more power to impact the playlist. Players can search for their favorite songs and use a Rocket to boost them to the top of the playlist. If a player really doesn’t like a song in the playlist queue, they can Bomb the track to destroy its score and keep it from playing.
  • Be the DJ – When a listener rockets a song and it makes it on the air, they get all the credit, with their Jelli DJ name read out on the air for all to hear – online, and on FM radio. Users are rewarded with bonus rockets if the other listeners think their song rocks.
  • Search, Favorites, and more – Jelli’s iPhone app also includes the ability to search for songs, and browse station catalogs by artist and genre. As Jelli users discover songs they love on Jelli, they can add them to their Favorites list and easily vote for them later. Jelli’s iPhone app is fully integrated to Jelli on the web, so users can manage their Favorites online or from their iPhones.
  • Take over FM radio – Radio stations across the U.S. broadcast Jelli live on FM, so listeners can use Jelli to transform local radio broadcasts in cities including New York, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and many others. Now, radio listeners can control FM broadcasts from their iPhone using Jelli. Jelli’s broadcast schedule is available from the Jelli iPhone app, and listeners can email to request Jelli for their local market.

“Music is part of our social DNA,” said Dougherty. “Jelli on the iPhone helps make the radio more social and fun.”

The free Jelli iPhone app is available from the Apple App Store today Click here to download the app.


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