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Get Your Facebook Messages Invite

You may have heard – Zuckerberg is looking to take over the messaging world now.

Today, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Messages, according to Zuckerberg, it’s not email, in fact his words are “it will handle email, but it is not email.”

Instead, Facebook is looking to provide a single unified place to handle email, IMs, texts, and any other forms of electronic communication.

The new system will let users receive all their communications in whatever format. So one user can send a message as an email to a friend, and that friend can receive that message as an IM conversation, and respond to it in a chat window.

Sounds fancy – I’m wondering what startup out there needs to be concerned about this recent announcement?

From a report on, the three big bullets from Facebook on how its new system works are:

  1. Seamless messaging: You can be reached easily anywhere anytime, be it email, SMS, or IM.
  2. Conversation history: All those conversations are in one long stream that looks like SMS or IM histories. So you can hold on to you all your messages for eternity.
  3. Social inbox: Facebook can give you good filtering based on your friends. You will get three options — messages, other, and spam. Messages will come from people that you’re friends with on Facebook.

As more information comes out, we’ll keep you “in the know”, but until then, those early adopters out there can sign up for an invite to the new platform by following the link here.


James Hicks

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