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RockMelt Browser by 1938media

First of all Loren Feldman is a freaking genius – I love the dude. He’s got just enough crazy in his personality to keep people wondering when is he being serious or completely sarcastic.

As far as RockMelt goes, I’ve been using it since Day 1 – which isn’t that long ago since it is still in early private beta (the browser hasn’t even been out for a week).

The interweb is all in a buzz about RockMelt since it’s being tagged as “The Social Browser” with it’s deep integration of Facebook and Twitter.

I haven’t written a post about it sooner because, to be honest, everyone else under the sun has ! I’ve just been using the thing and have made it my default browser on all systems (Mac and PC). With it being built on Chromium, it’s pretty solid and since I get to use my Chrome extensions – life is good!

Check the links below and you’ll see a couple of full-fledged reviews of the browser from varied sites. But, the purpose of THIS post is to showcase Mr. Feldman – check out his great video, done in only the way he can, that expresses his concerns with a new browser war.

Follow 1938media on Twitter @1938media and keep up with his web activities here.

If you want an invite to the early beta of RockMelt hit me up on Twitter @jameshicks


James Hicks

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