NewsGator Unveils News Stream Module for Social Sites 2010 1NewsGator today unveiled a new software module for its social computing suite to dramatically improve information sharing and business results.

News Stream for Social Sites 2010 is an optional extension to NewsGator Social Sites 2010, the only social computing suite fully integrated inside the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 collaboration platform. Social Sites helps over 2.5 million paid users across 350 Global 2000 organizations, civilian agencies and DoD entities more effectively collaborate with colleagues.

The News Stream module enables organizations to select an unlimited number and variety of blogs, articles, Twitter streams and other feeds to syndicate to the Social Sites 2010 environment. Individuals see only the stories that match their interests or news that colleagues have chosen to flag for them. Organizations can use the module to keep intranets fresh, relevant, and valuable.

News Stream for Social Sites 2010 builds on NewsGator’s unequaled insight into really simple syndication, the powerful protocol for content distribution online. Enterprise RSS is one of the easiest and most productive ways to enrich an organization with actionable knowledge without inundating employees with unnecessary information. As the premier enterprise RSS provider since 2005, NewsGator offers the most sophisticated content syndication solution and has served more users than any other company. Other enterprise RSS solutions limit organizations to a single content source.

NewsGator Unveils News Stream Module for Social Sites 2010 2

News Stream stories appear in the user’s personal activity stream, on their MySite Web pages, on their desktops, on their mobile devices, and in Social Sites communities. Users can tag, comment, and share news with colleagues and communities. For example, a sales manager reviewing her activity stream on her iPhone reads an industry blog post about a competitor’s product failure and its impact on a nearby company. She phones an executive at the harmed company and successfully schedules a sales call for the next morning. She tags the story competitive and prospect¸ gives it a four-star rating out of a possible five, and with one click publishes it to the internal sales community.

“When we started designing the News Stream module for Social Sites 2010, we decided to focus on meeting the most common customer use cases first,” said Brian Kellner, NewsGator’s vice president of products in his recent blog postcalled RSS, 8-Track Tapes and Use Cases. “Typical users just want to get a little bit of news that matches their core interests. As a user, you get new events in your activity stream right along with all of the other microblogging, questions, ideas, document uploads and other kinds of events.”

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NewsGator Unveils News Stream Module for Social Sites 2010 3


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