Loopt Incorporates Facebook Places 1Don’t forget about geo-location tool Loopt folks. I know everyone is loving Foursquare and Gowalla, but the good folks at Loopt have reached a rather significant first…they’ve incorporated Facebook Places into their offering.


When you think about “check-in fatigue” you understand that it can be a hassle to check-in to all of your geo-location services individually. When Facebook Places was launched it stood alone without any real integration with the other services.

Check out this video for the specifics on using Loopt and incorporating Facebook Places.

The updated app is available in the Apple App Store today at the link here. The Android version will be out soon.

Loopt Incorporates Facebook Places 2Loopt Incorporates Facebook Places 3Loopt Incorporates Facebook Places 4

For more detailed information on this latest Loopt release check out the story here.

Loopt Incorporates Facebook Places 5


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