Apple Receives Marketer of the Decade Award

Apple has received the distinguished honor of being named the Marketer of the Decade by Ad Age.

That’s right, not just of the year, but of the entire decade – now that’s pretty impressive right?

Apple has won Ad Age’s Marketer of the Year title only once in the past decade, but it has been named runner-up several times. Because of that relative consistency of being in the top 1 or 2 spots in the contest Ad Age actually decided to take Apple out of the running for Marketer of the Year and instead crown them as their first Marketer of the Decade.

Regardless of how you may feel personally about Apple, Steve Jobs, and the Cult that is Mac – you have to respect the genius that comes out of Infinite Loop.

From a product perspective there is not much that tops all of the iDevices released in the past 10 years; iPod, iPhone, iPad, and the various laptop and desktop systems. I’ll leave the side hobby project of the Apple TV out of this since I’m still disappointed slightly that Apple missed a huge window of opportunity with that device.

Then think about the marketing efforts; as Mashable points out, the “Switch” campaign, the “Get a Mac” campaign, the iPod silhouette and the “There’s an app for that” distinction – all – genius stuff.

Congratulations to Apple and especially the various marketing groups/agencies that strive to make us consumers Think Different.

For more detail check here.


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