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Jackass 3D

At this point in time, the Jackass name stands on its own. From the original TV shows to the spinoffs, two major motion pictures and on the sketches, the cast, and even the iconic skull-and-crutches logo have become a cultural phenomenon.

So what’s the logical next step? Jackass 3D. If we’re going to watch a bunch of guys do things that we wouldn’t dream of, we may as well watch in 3D. Order your tickets at:


Who’s going today to check out the craziness ? Here’s a preview to spark your interest…

What would a movie release be if INFOtainment News wasn’t running a gift giveaway ?!

We have 2 official Jackass 3D Survival Kits available for YOU our valued readers. Each kit includes:

  • A pair Jackass 3D tix
  • Jackass branded tee
  • SickSaver Airsickness bag (Retail prize: $35 –check it)
  • Jackass soundtrack

Contest Rules (real easy stuff):

Do 2 of the 3 items below:

  1. Leave a comment below
  2. Tweet out this post to your Twitter followers
  3. Like this post on Facebook

We’ll be using a random number generator to select the winners on Friday, October 29th.

Good Luck !


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