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I got out of the consulting business about 10 years ago primarily for the reason that I was doing way too much traveling and living out of a suitcase. It got to the point where I didn’t hardly see my then fiance except for on weekends.

Dial forward to now, and here I am again traveling all across the U.S. and Canada for business. But, interestingly enough, the short trips I’m doing nowadays are quite enjoyable.

Maybe it’s because I’m finally doing something within my technology field that I really enjoy, maybe it’s because I actually meet and interact with interesting people throughout my travels, it could be that I’m adding new stamps to my passport, and maybe it’s because I tend to stay at some really cool hotels and eat at some fantastic restaurants along the way.

I know for sure that the only way to do this travel stuff is to ensure that hotel accommodations are up-to-par and I’ve been using a site called to make sure that I stay at a clean, safe, and nice place. Free wireless internet in the room is also a good find when I can score it…

Yeah – this is a plug for, but I like to shout out quality products and services whenever I can. Go check them out. I, for one, have some immediate destinations I’m looking at:


James Hicks

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