How utterly embarrassing for adults/coaches to behave. This is not the way youth sports should be conducted by trusted advisors to our kids.

Watch the full video then read the synopsis below.

Here’s the story out of Pearland, Texas

The home video showing coaches from opposing Pee Wee football teams trading punches only tells part of the story, according to parents and coaches with one of the two teams involved.

The video of the game, recorded two weeks ago, shows coaches from the Pearland Hurricanes charging across the field to trade punches with coaches from the Pearland Patriots.

“But the tape doesn’t show what happened to my son,” said Nelson Croasdaile, who used to serve as head coach for the Hurricanes.

League officials suspended him for the season following the brawl.

“I was just trying to protect my son,” he said.

Croasdaile said, just prior to the brawl, his son, who plays for the Hurricanes, was involved in a small altercation with a player for the Patriots. He said that’s when one of the Patriots coaches lifted his son into the air and tossed him about four or five yards.

“That was uncalled for and I just charged,” Croasdaile said.

According to a police report, investigators interviewed a referee who witnessed the incident. The referee told police “the coach’s action was inappropriate and rough.”

Police did not file any charges, but officials with the Bay Area Football League suspended several coaches, and banned two of them for life. Officials also barred both teams from participating in the playoffs.

“I think it’s not fair,” Croasdaile said. “They should let the children play.”

BAFL’s executive board will meet tonight (Wednesday). Several players and parents plan to attend to convince the board to change its ruling.

What these coaches need – short of an ass kicking themselves, is a bit of PCA.

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