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No New Arena For You Sacramento

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At least not now, and at least not with the assistance of the National Basketball Association.

The National Basketball Association “has ceased its activities on the Sacramento arena front” following Cal Expo’s decision to not participate in any land swap for a new arena, a representative of the league said Wednesday.

“On the heels of the disappointing — but not surprising — action (or inaction) of the state and Cal Expo Board, it is fair to say that the NBA has ceased its activities on the Sacramento arena front. However, we will continue to monitor and respond to the activities and options of others that might reasonably ensure the competitiveness and viability of the Kings franchise,” NBA consultant John Moag wrote in an e-mail Wednesday.

The NBA and Cal Expo started working together in 2008 when the proposal was to build an arena on Cal Expo land in Sacramento’s Point West area.

The NBA and Moag have led negotiations on an arena, and have kept the owners of the Sacramento Kings and Arco Arena briefed on the progress or lack of progress.

Since January, the arena proposal has involved a three-way land swap involving the downtown railyard, Arco Arena land in Natomas and Cal Expo. That proposal, at least in its current form, fell apart last week when Cal Expo’s board decided it would not participate.

This is important to me why ? I live in Sacramento and am tired of seeing the Kings play in the rundown Arco Arena.

How sad.

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