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Orb Networks System Streams iTunes and Pandora to Any Home Stereo

A world of music is being unleashed for consumers thanks to a new smartphone-controlled and Internet-connected music system today announced by Orb Networks, Inc.

The new Orb Music Player is the easiest and most affordable ($69) way for consumers to enjoy their entire iTunes music library, Internet music and radio services — such as Pandora and Sirius Radio — on any stereo, anywhere in the home.

“People have built amazing digital libraries of music with iTunes, that are only available to enjoy via a PC or iPod, while Internet radio and music services are limited to listening via a PC or Mac,” said Joe Costello, CEO or Orb Networks. “With the Orb Music Player, we have unlocked music so that it can be enjoyed in any stereo around the home, turning personal music enjoyment into a social music experience.”

The Orb Music Player transforms any home music system into an Internet-connected stereo that is easily controlled via smartphones such as iPhone or Android, as well as with an iPad and iPod Touch. It is the only music system that lets consumers listen to their consolidated collections of music, including iTunes, Pandora, Sirius Radio and a wide variety of Internet music services, in multiple rooms around the home.

Unlike other systems that are expensive and complex to use, the Orb Music Player is an innovative, home music system that is affordable — at only $69 — and a snap to set-up and use. With the Orb Music Player, consumers extend and enhance their existing home stereos and eliminate the need to hire an expert to install a pricey new music system.

With a familiar iTunes-like interface, the Orb Music Player puts the consumer in control of their music, giving them easy access to all their favorites. Consumers simply select the music they want to listen to on their smartphone and then choose any home stereo for instant playback. With the smartphone music remote control, users can easily pause, playback, change the volume, or skip around their playlist. And, everyone in the home can have their own Orb-enabled smartphone remote to manage, play and share their personal music collections.

Setting up the Orb Music Player is quick and easy. First, users download the free Orb Caster software to their PC or Mac; next they plug the Orb Music Player– a compact, hockey-puck sized disk — into any home stereo; and finally, they download the free Orb controller app from iTunes to their smartphone, iPad or iPod Touch. After completing the easy set up, Orb users can enjoy their music throughout their home.

Pricing and Availability

The Orb Music Player is available now from Orb Networks at for $69. The Orb Controller software for the iPhone platform is available now from the iTunes App Store, for free. The Orb Caster software is available as a free download from


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