There’s been a ton of great technology news coming out of the Intel Develop Forum in San Francisco this week.

For instance, Super Micro Computer, Inc., the global leader in server technology innovation and green computing, is showcasing its capability to deliver all the IT hardware needs of data center, high-performance computing (HPC) and server farm customers.

Supermicro Introduces Hardware Solutions at IDF 1

“While Supermicro continues to introduce new application-optimized 2U Twin2 servers, our new resource-optimized server solutions not only provide the best green technology advantages, such as Platinum Level power supplies that surpass 94% peak efficiency, advanced thermal cooling solutions and more efficient board-level designs to deliver the highest performance-per-watt, but also offer the most advanced features,” said Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro. “These features include dual-port onboard 10GbE, 6Gb/s SAS2, up to 18 DIMM slots, and Universal I/O (UIO) interface to support up to three add-on cards in a 1U server to empower our customers to get the most out of their servers without dedicating extra resources.”

Supermicro’s new 10GbE switches designed from the ground up deliver enterprise-class performance with advanced switching capabilities. One is available in a 1U form factor for either standalone or top-of-rack deployments. The other is for integration into a SuperBlade® system deployment, including systems using the new Supermicro TwinBlade(TM).

Supermicro Layer 3 switches allow connectivity to 10GbE routers, servers, backbones, and data centers. A comprehensive routing and protocol software suite ensures exceptional performance in even the most demanding enterprise-class networking environments, making them ideal for organizations with growing and consolidated data centers.

Supermicro Introduces Hardware Solutions at IDF 2

Supermicro customers will further appreciate the common set of features and a management interface that matches those of existing Supermicro 1/10G Layer 2/3 Ethernet switches and the companion Layer 2/3 switch for the SuperBlade®.

Regarding future technology, Supermicro is displaying several solutions optimized for Intel’s next-generation uni-processor (UP) Xeon platform codenamed Bromolow. The company will also be the world’s first to unveil another future platform at its Gold Sponsor session. Anyone reading this and actually at the IDF, please comment on this when it happens.

For more check Supermicro here.

Supermicro Introduces Hardware Solutions at IDF 3


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