For the true audiophile who demands nothing but the best in music/sound reproduction – Monster introduces the Miles Davis Tribute High Performance In-Ear Speakers.

I was recently in the San Francisco International Airport and saw these and definitely had to take an extended look at the craftsmanship of these in-ear speakers.

“…in a market now flooded with in-ear Headphones for iPods and other MP3 players—ranging from cheaply built/sounding (Apple’s own earbuds, for example) to higher-priced audiophile buds from companies like Shure and Bose—not only do the Miles Davis Tribute ‘phones sound as good as the press sheet says they do, they’re hands-down amongst the most comfortable buds on the market.” – John Kelman, AllAboutJazz.

Not only are these in-ear speakers visibly appealing, they actually have been rated one of the 10 best headphones of 2010 by

In the box you get more than the in-ear speakers. Included are:

  • Pro Sound Isolating Eartips
  • Headphone Test Disc
  • 3 Cases
  • Cable Management System
  • Right Angle Connector

Pricing is representative of a top quality piece of audiophile equipment, as the retail pricing is $499.95. You can, however, get them on Amazon for $399 – follow the link here.

Specifications, from a functionality perspective:

  • Stunning audio homage to Miles Davis and the sonic worlds he opened.
  • Precision tuned to accurately reproduce the unique acoustic tones of jazz.
  • Superb musicality that makes all your favorite tracks more vivid and real.
  • Special case that pays tribute to Miles’ trumpet case.
  • A musician’s in-ear speaker that’s also a collector’s item.

On a side note, you ever wondered what was the proper way of using in-ear headphones? Well have no fear, Monster Cable has a video for that. Below is Product Trainer, Crystal Mackenzie explaining just that.


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