zGames, the mobile game division of Softeq Development Corporation, recently announced the launch of its innovative matching game zMatch for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. zMatch is available immediately for $0.99 from Apple’s App Store.

“The concept for zMatch originated from the imaginative minds of our Minsk Mobile team. Once we saw the demo concept and how much fun people were having while playing zMatch, we simply had to release it as a full game,” stated Chris Howard, CEO of Softeq. “With zMatch, you match three or more of the same objects using the accelerometer, while also playing with burning match sticks. So yes, you’re literally playing with matches — in more ways than one!”

In zMatch, match sets of three or more shapes, and touch to burn or explode them. Burn bonuses or draw a matchstick to lengthen your time fuse, but don’t let the fuse reach the top! Light a matchstick to double your points while the matchstick is burning, or light several matchsticks to really get a high scoring run. zMatch supports OpenFeint for shared leaderboards and achievements. Achieve your own Towering Inferno or play long enough to Burn, Baby, Burn!

Key Features of zMatch include:

  • Accelerometer-based matching play
  • Innovative matching and matchstick gameplay
  • Quick to learn yet fun to play again
  • Adaptive difficulty stages
  • Achievements and Leaderboards


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