Prepaid Scheduling With Booktime.Me 1 announced today it has launched the internet’s first prepaid or paid appointment online booking scheduling calendar system.

This unique calendar system at is targeted for use by anybody anywhere in the world – freelancers and independent contractors, businesses big and small alike as well as individuals (all users of the service collectively known as subscribers).

This system will allow you to be paid for your scheduled time in advance at the booking stage of your actual appointment; assuring you of your compensation as your scheduled time is your product, especially in the event the client/customer is an unannounced last minute ‘no show’.

This business concept is great as it shows your potential clients you take your time seriously and doesn’t let anyone confirm a time on your online public calendar until the payment for that allocated time is approved by credit card.

Billed as ‘get paid for your scheduled time’, helps its subscribers better optimize their valuable and scarce time by attending to those customers/clients that have paid for the scheduled time. Its subscribers will not have to experience lost income opportunities anymore. For example, a very busy website designer in Moscow has a 10am online appointment with a client in Chicago for an hour. Should the client not be present for the scheduled online appointment, the website designer experiences lost income potential as the designer could have been working on another client’s project or searching for new business. With, the website designer is already compensated whether the client is present or not for that time because the website designer has allocated his important time. subscribers are required to have a PayPal account established in order to be paid and scheduled by clients/customers. This assures secured payment to the subscriber by the client/customer for the scheduled appointment on their online calendar. considers their prepaid scheduling system as a pioneer business structure to become a future trend in business appointment scheduling and time management worldwide- ‘your time is money, every minute of every day counts’. Because of its global reach, helps connect its subscribers with clients/customers regardless if it’s across town, across the country or across continents.

Subscribers can be of any trade or industry, producing any product or providing any service. When payment is secured for scheduled time, the subscriber no longer is bound by the old rules of missed appointments; proper time management is now controlled by the subscriber to



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