Tea drinkers of the world – here are your influencers and thought leaders…


In an unprecedented Bay Area meeting of the world’s foremost tea influencers, culled from a variety of industries including technology firms, retail and wholesale outlets, and literary authors, these savvy entrepreneurs will share insights about why the tea industry is surging in America. Noting the clear benefits such as providing focus and clarity to a distracted and hyper-connected society, these experts will explore, taste, and discuss this fascinating artisan world and its relevance today. They will converse about health benefits, sustainability trends, challenges in the industry, and other topics.

Each participant will also bring along the latest and greatest artisan teas from their collection for an on-camera tea tasting. Never before have these tea impresarios all gathered together.

Here is the flyer for the event.

Kevin Rose and the Tea Mavericks of America 1

For those of you in San Francisco , you can join in person with tickets here.

It will be taped live in front of a studio audience (limited to 30 people). You can watch online at www.samovarlife.com or www.realritual.com.


Kevin Rose and the Tea Mavericks of America 2


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