Technology powerhose blog Techmeme is really the cream of the crop when it comes to where a blogger wants their posts to show up.

Yeah, Mashable, Techcrunch, Ars Technica and Gawker are really good, but the real geeky “insiders” start their news aggregation search at Techmeme.

So how in the world do you get listed there and take your site viewership to new heights? In a post written by Gabe Rivera himself is the answer.

Summarized below from Gabe’s post:

To send a tip to Techmeme, just include “Tip @Techmeme” in your message along with the URL of the news story you’d like to appear.¬†Or alternatively, “Tip @TechmemeFH”; either of the two Techmeme user ids will work.

Including titles or even other non-Techmeme user ids is fine, as long as “Tip @Techmeme” or “Tip @TechmemeFH” and the URL appear somewhere in the tweet.

Tips will be processed through a combination of automated and manual means, and if you were the first person to tip Techmeme about a story url, your Twitter id will be credited on the homepage of Techmeme if the story is posted.

Commonly asked questions (with answers):

Q: Will Techmeme understand URL shorteners like

A: Yep, we’ll grab the target URL for the most common shorteners such as,,, etc. Just avoid the ones that use frames, like

Q: Won’t you be spammed? What if someone “tips” Techmeme with a large number of headlines indescriminately, aiming to get lucky with one of them?

A: You should only submit urls if you feel Techmeme would undoubtedly improve should the news appear. Most people only encounter such stories a few times a week. Accounts determined to be spamming will be quietly ignored and never credited for their tips. Also, Twitter accounts created mainly for the purpose of sending tips will be ignored.

Q: Can I “Tip @Techmeme” with my own story?

A: This is acceptable, but only rarely. If you know you’re sitting on a remarkable story that Techmeme would be poorer without, go right ahead. In general though, tips to other people’s stories appear more credible than tips to your own.

Q: How does Techmeme find these tips?

A: We’re using the standard Twitter Search API. Techmeme will promptly find your tips as long as this API continues functioning reliably. To date, we’ve been encouraged with its performance.

So there you have it. Make sure to follow Gabe, Megan McCarthy, TechmemeFH, and Techmeme.

Happy Tipping !!!


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