You know the big influential Twitter Peeps – Obama, Gaga, Kutcher, Bieber, Kardashian, etc. – well not only do they have millions of followers each; they also have servers within the Twitter data center dedicated to each of them personally.

Kinda makes sense right? A ton of traffic to those profiles requires a good deal of compute power.

Per a post on QuickOnlineTips, Dustin Curtis, a guy who works at Twitter, has tweeted that Justin Bieber uses 3% of Twitter infrastructure and has racks of servers are dedicated to him.

After that, he later tweeted that most of the popular users on Twitter have dedicated servers for their accounts!

Let’s help each other get to that level – there really is no fast, magic trick; the only way is to get more followers.

Add your Twitter name in the comments below and we’ll all add each other to our follower list. I’m at @jameshicks.


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