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Conan O’Brien’s New Show Is Called…

Conan fans across the globe can now breath a sigh of relief – he is back on the air with his own show.

And the creative juices were definitely flowing, as the new show on TBS will be named…”Conan.”

“It’s ‘Conan,’ simple, pure, like the guy himself,” O’Brien said in a Youtube video released first to NY Magazine’s Vulture blog and

O’Brien, who walked away from NBC’s “Tonight” show earlier this year will launch his new late-night talk show on TBS November 8.

In the video, O’Brien appears behind a desk in a bare office.

“I’ve still got the beard,” he says, “and a pretty crappy office.”

He jokes that he spent millions of dollars and had legal and media research teams look into potential names, but ultimately came up with “Conan.”

“I got a lot of work to do, it will be great,” he says before scurrying off the screen.

O’Brien spent 17 years at NBC, first as host of “Late Night” and then “Tonight,” where he left after nine months as host.


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