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Predictions For Apple Event

The annual September Apple event is upon us, and will happen on the 1st.

The interweb is all abuzz with predictions, assumptions, and hopes.

I’d expect the event to be rather brief, no more than an hour in length and Steve will lay out the plan for the forthcoming 2010 holiday shopping season.

Below is our list of predictions

  1. iPod Touch update: Front-facing camera allowing for FaceTime capability
  2. AppleTV update: Say hello to the iTV (or whatever they call it)
  3. MacBook Air: Hoping for atleast a refresh of the Air laptop line
  4. White iPhone: We can only hope
  5. HDMI out standard instead of merely DVI out: This is something I really hope Apple adopts soon for their laptops and desktops soon.

Chime in – what are your thoughts/predictions ?

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