iPads For Sumo Wrestlers

The big guys of sumo are getting their hands on latest tech gadget.

In a story reported yesterday in Fortune, in an effort to improve communication among its wrestlers, the Sumo Association announced on Monday that it was distributing iPads to its 51 sumo stables.

The iPad was chosen, according to the Jiji news agency, because many stablemasters don’t use computers and sumo wrestlers aren’t good at punching messages on mobile phones with their big hands.

The Sumo Association has been struggling recently with charges of illegal gambling, assault and drug use among its wrestlers. The investigation, however, has been hampered by fax and telephone messages that aren’t getting through.

“We will hand out the newest iPads to all the sumo stables to swiftly communicate what we need to,” association vice chairman Hiroyoshi Murayama told Reuters.

The association has already purchased 60 iPads, which start in Japan at 48,800 yen ($570).

Anybody know who the mobile carrier is in Japan? I wonder what kind of data deals they have?

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