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Hot Potato Says Goodbye

Users of the Hot Potato service received a notice in their inbox today speaking to the recent series of events that has happened since their acquisition by Facebook.

Bye, Mom!
We’ve Moved to Facebook
We wanted to make sure you saw the exciting news we announced on the blog last week: Hot Potato has recently been acquired by Facebook.

While many of the innovations and features behind Hot Potato may find their way into Facebook, we’ve decided to close the Hot Potato site. We’re no longer accepting new signups and the site will close fully by Sept. 24.

We know that many of you have spent a lot of time on the site sharing updates with friends, so we wanted to remind you to take a second and download all of your posts.

To do this, go to: This feature will be available until Sept. 24, when Hot Potato will close and all user data will be deleted. No user data or account information will be kept by Facebook.

We also wanted to say a big thank you – and give a big spuddie hug! – to all of you for sharing your events on Hot Potato and sending us thoughtful feedback that pushed us to think harder. It’s been real, friendos!

The Hot Potato Team

I used Hot Potato a few times and really liked the interface, the iPhone app and the integration with other social networking apps. Let’s hope that this assimilation into the massive machine that is Facebook will work well.


James Hicks

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