Now – I, myself, am not too keen on cats – but that’s only because I’m allergic to them. I however, have never thought of actually throwing one in the dumpster.

You’ve probably heard the story as it’s hit all the major news networks today. Here is the uncut CCTV footage showing the whole interaction.

According to the description attached to the video on YouTube, this all happened in Bray’s Lane, Stoke, where the kitten’s owners Stephanie and Darryl Mann have CCTV outside their home for security.

After hearing cries from Lola the cat, who is not yet a year old, they found her trapped in the bin and replayed the video footage expecting to see teenagers or drunken louts committing the act in the middle of the night.

But to their horror, they watched a middle-aged woman stop and pet Lola in broad daylight before dropping her in the bin and shutting the lid, leaving the cat trapped for 16 hours.

Needless to say – authorities are investigating, and I think this lady is going to be in a bit of trouble.

Woman Throws Cat in Dumpster [video] 1


  1. I've got a neighbor that leaves their cat wander the neighborhood also. I put out poison to kill the destructive racoons that unchecked will rip the roof off a house to find shelter. If the cat accidentally eats the poison, I won't feel too bad. It's the owners responsibility to keep the animal on a leash in an urban area. I wonder if that woman was just tired of the cat crapping in her flowerbeds.

    • Who decides that animals don't have the same rights to live out their existence enjoying what we all know is good for 'our' health? Fresh air, sunlight, grass and trees and simply being outdoors? What about outdoor cats? Animals don't create things like concrete, cars, urban sprawl, but they do have to live in what for many of them is an ever-shrinking world. If my cat or anyone else's died from poison put out by someone intentionally, I would feel very, very sad and somehow ashamed that there are not alternatives either created or used. I am sad for the raccoons, and shingles and wood just don't elicit compassion or empathy from me. We have higher intellect and the ability to reason and speculate: rather than just being superior to other beings, are we smart enough to come up with an alternative to the poison?


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