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Woopra Releases iPhone App

Real-time website analytics provider, Woopra has finally released their much anticipated iPhone application.

I, personally, have been looking forward to this release for over a year now, and got really excited when the team first gave us a glimpse of an early beta they were working on. See that first glimpse video below:

My goal here is to not do a comparison of other real-time providers or their tools, but primarily only to announce and showcase the Woopra app. I state that for the reason that I am also a customer of Woopra’s only real competition (in my opinion – Clicky). Clicky has a fantastic real-time analytics product as well, but a very generic mobile phone application. If/when Clicky does an update to their mobile app I will then do a comparison article.

The Woopra iPhone App currently features four core areas of Woopra tracking and data:

Analytics | Live | Map | Calendar

The key features are:

  • Track visitors live
  • Track visitors on Google Maps live
  • View visitor data on the Google Live Maps
  • See the Woopra Calendar daily stat summaries
  • See basic Analytics segmentation on visitor and referrer data

The app is only available for iPhone’s running iOS4 – no Android option just yet.

Some users in the support forum have reported some early issues with stability, but on my iPhone 4 the app loads and performs flawlessly.

The app is free and you can download it here in the App Store.

For me personally, I think I’m finally going to upgrade my account from the Basic to a Pro version. I told Woopra CEO John Poz that I would do that when they released the app – I’m a man of my word…

I’m also going to upgrade because I want to get rid of the advertisements embedded in the desktop app and the iPhone app.

Thank you Cesar (@cesar_alaniz), John (@johnpoz), and the whole Woopra team (@WoopraiPhoneDev) for delivering a high quality product]

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