Snoop Dogg Blows Up Truck 1Snoop Dogg is scheduled to blow up an armored truck in the Nevada desert today in an event orchestrated by Zynga Gaming Network Inc. to promote its new game Mafia Wars: Las Vegas.

“Destruction has never been so much fun!” crows Zynga in a news release emailed to reporters this morning, promising that the explosion will be streamed live for the world to see at 6 p.m. Mafia Wars: Las Vegas site.

San Francisco-based Zynga, the most popular social gaming company in the world, launched Mafia Wars: Las Vegas, its fifth city specific version of the game for maybe-wannabe mobsters.

So far, the game, in which players run casinos, do jobs, get into fights, commit robberies and the like, has received 10 million visitors, the company said.

Watch all the action below:

Live Videos by Ustream

Snoop Dogg Blows Up Truck 2

Snoop Dogg Blows Up Truck 3



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