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Twitter has unveiled a new tool designed to make it easier for you to tweet links to the content you love.

Twitter’s new “Tweet Button” “lets you share links directly from the page you’re on,” Twitter explained in a blog post. “When you click on the Tweet Button, a Tweet box will appear — pre-populated with a shortened link that points to the item that you’re sharing.”

Using just a line or two of code, users can add the Tweet Button, which is customizable and has the option of showing how many times that link has been shared over Twitter, to their websites.

As the video below demonstrates, clicking on the button opens up a new window showing the text of your tweet, which you can edit. The text will automatically include a shortened link to the page you’re on and an “@ mention” that the website has specified. For example, HuffPostTech could request “via @HuffPostTech” to appear in the tweet. Tweetmeme announced in a blog post that they would be partnering with Twitter to develop the tool.

Twitter is encouraging everyone from “recreational bloggers to large media companies” to try out the Tweet Button, which Twitter promises can “help publishers grow traffic and increase their Twitter following.”



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