“AntennaGate” is running rampant in the Apple community – the question is whether Jobs and the crew at Apple knew of possible issues with having the iPhone 4 antenna on the outside of the phone itself. Well of course they did; there’s documented evidence that a handful of engineers at Apple raised the concern over the design, a handful of respected “antenna industry experts” concur that there is an inherent concern with attenuation; blah, blah, blah…

And, since I already have my Apple Bumper (bought it day 1 for protection), I’m going to use my $29 rebate from Apple and buy a real case, with some decent functionality. That would be the kickBack from Scosche (@scosche). Check out their iPhone 4 product offerings here.

Hell there’s even songs written about this:

I just wonder, with all of this, which really started with the misplaced prototype unit at the Silicon Valley bar a few months ago, is Apple losing it’s cool? Has the Kool-Aid that Jobs has been giving us for all these years finally starting to wear off?

It really seems that more and more the company is being sloppy with the handling of customer satisfaction issues; case in point the lady who saved for weeks and wanted to pay cash for an iPad but was initially told no; then the blogosphere rallied around her cause and, next thing you know it, she’s got Apple executives showing up at her door presenting her with a shiny new and free iPad.

Along with that, the multiple real or fake email responses seemingly coming from the desk of Steve himself. At one time, there was an air of mystery surrounding Steve Jobs, and you would really only hear his voice or get his comments at major press events (MacWorld, WWDC, etc.). Now he’s apparently responding to every email that a user sends to his sjobs@apple.com inbox.

I miss the good ol’ days when Steve would hit the stage with “One More Thing” and they’d announce a product that was priced ridiculously high, but we, as consumers, felt we had to have it and would do everything short of taking out a bank loan to ensure we had the cash  to get the latest product out of Cupertino on the day it was released.

Now, I think I’m through standing in 3-4 hour lines. I think I’m through with the gotta have it THAT day mentality. True, I already have every damn product Apple’s put out in the past 3 years, and I do plan to buy a new MacBook in the coming months. However, I think I’m going to be OK with not having the latest and greatest – I’ll work with some legacy Apple products until I feel that fire and excitement and attention to quality and detail from the company again. Who knows, maybe that’ll come back during the 2011 MacWorld Conference which, yes, I do have my early registration for…

Your thoughts.

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