As originally reported in Autoblog – Last week, Tony DiSalle, marketing director for the Chevrolet Volt, announced during a webchat the production volumes for the first two years for the new Chevrolet Volt. General Motors plans to build 10,000 Volts by the end of the 2011 calendar year, with another 30,000 units coming in 2012. There will be a relatively slow production ramp up during the first year as the automaker learns to build the Volt as well as picking up lessons from cars in the field.

Chevrolet dealers will have to meet some minimum qualifications in order to sell the Volt. For instance, every dealer authorized to sell the Volt will have to maintain at least one demonstrator vehicle in stock so that potential customers can test drive it. Those same dealers will also have to install a 240 volt home charging station so that the cars have a full battery and customers can try it out. Beyond the dealers that sell Volts in the initial retail markets, GM will also assign dealers in other parts of the country to service the Volt if needed.

Here’s the good part…

Unlike the Nissan Leaf, customers will not have to get pre-qualified to buy a Volt by having access to 240 volt home charging. Anyone can walk into a Volt authorized dealer and buy one. Of course, getting the most out of a Volt will require access to a plug, but that is the customers’ choice.


  1. Why I like the Leaf over the Volt:
    1) Less complexity and maintenance.
    2) Less pollution. Volt still pollutes and has the same detriments as any ICE, the Leaf only from what it takes from the grid (in my area we are natural gas and nuke generated).
    3) Battery secondary use. After I wear out my batteries I plan to hook them up with my home solar panel system for power storage. I should get 20 yrs use out of the batteries. By the time the batteries are ready for swapping out of the car I foresee range increase and price drop. Volt will steadily cost more as fuel costs increase.
    4) Better design. Leaf’s space usage is much better than Volt’s. Engine compartment size reduced, passenger room increased (even Volt can’t handle multiple greater than 6′ individuals while Leaf can).
    5) HOV access – hybrids our phased out on HOV lane access, EVs will have it still 🙂

    I’m looking forward to getting my Leaf. Volt is coming from GM (enough said).

  2. Correct me if I am right, Volt is the chevy's e-car right? it is the one which didn't receive that much anticipation when it was released? Though, for a marketing strategies, I think they are really offering aggressively. And personally, I like Chevy more than nissan. 🙂


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