MailChimp Likes Facebook 1MailChimp (@MailChimp) is an awesome service. If you’re looking to distribute professional looking newsletters and email updates to your blog followers – it’s definitely on the short list of tools we recommend. As a matter of fact we use MailChimp here on THE Tech Scoop to keep our subscribers up-to-date with our daily, informative newsfeed.

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Recently MailChimp announced a seamless integration between their product and the Facebook “like” button. Along with the like button there will be detailed analytics which tell you who’s clicking on likes, how many people clicked it, and how many people were referred from the like button.

A quote from the All Facebook blog states, “…While adding a like button is not much of a story in itself, this is the first service provider that we’ve seen add detailed analytics on like button activity. The company is also including integration with Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Flickr through the company’s Social Pro add-on. One of the more impressive features is the ability to group users by their level of “influence”.

Along with these tools will be demographic targeting. This will be the first truly robust social media marketing suite.

To learn more about MailChimp click here and watch the video below talking about these exciting new updates.

And for you iPhone users, yes – there’s an app for that – go check out the free MailChimp iPhone app here. You’ll be able to:

  • Add subscribers to your mailing list
  • View reports for your email campaigns
  • See how your campaigns are spreading on Twitter
  • See where in the world your subscribers are
  • Edit and unsubscribe people from your lists (this one is huge folks !!)
  • View Chimp Chatter – a newsfeed that shows the status of your account
  • Refer friends to MailChimp and earn free credits
MailChimp Likes Facebook 2


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