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Shaun White Causes A Small Frenzy

From a report on, it appears that Shaun White (@shaun_white) can cause a stir amongst his admirers even when it has nothing to do with snowboarding.

It appears that White posted a photo of himself standing in front of a barber shop up on his Facebook last night as a joke. His fans found nothing funny about the picture and the caption, “I don’t know………. Is it time??”

Apparently not. An outpouring of support for Shaun’s hair was shown almost immediately with a high percentage of the female respondents begging him not to chop his locks. Even the guys got into the discussion and expressed their feelings on the matter. Case in point, one fellow was quite adamant, as evidenced by his response: “dude, dont. even. think. about. it.”

At 7:30 am EST, the Facebook page was drawing a new comment approximately every 30 seconds, many replete with all caps NOOOOOOOO!s and haircare advice from middle-aged southern belles. Almost 2500 people had already clicked “Like.” So what does this celebrity crowd sourcing tell us? Well, Shaun’s hair is more famous than anything else in snowboarding, clearly.


James Hicks

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