As part of the 2010 BET Awards this evening there was a special tribute to Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson, the King of Pop.

In an unprecedented move, that started with an introduction by Jermaine Jackson, Chris Brown was the artist dressed in the white glove and dancing and singing the tribute.

Michael Jackson Remembered - Thanks BET 1Now, we all know the troubled year Chris has had. But, at the end of the day, if there is an artist today that should be dancing/singing a tribute to Michael, many of us fans feel that Chris is the natural candidate.

Watch the video below. In one word – FANTASTIC. I think in 6 minutes and 32 seconds Chris did a lifetime of positive rebuilding for his career and image.

It’s only fitting, as well, that the final song, that made Chris break down and cry was Michael’s Man In The Mirror.

As a matter of fact, Brown’s emotional performance echoed through the rest of the show. When Niecy Nash came onstage to present the Video of the Year award, she said, “When Chris Brown started crying I got choked up.”

Michael Jackson Remembered - Thanks BET 2


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