Cali Lewis (@calilewis) and Neal Campbell (@nealcampbell) have drawn to a close a true staple of technology podcasting and reporting.

The team that brought us the shiny, happy tech news of Geek Brief has decided, due to some unshakable business issues, to end the run after four years and close to 800 fantastic episodes.

Cali gives an emotional explanation in this final episode below.

For fans of the show, and fans of Cali, have no fear – she’ll be back stronger than ever real soon. She’s already crafting a new venture called GeekBeat (@geekbeatTV) and there will be technology news, gadget reviews, and insight on interesting science and research projects that will be covered in her new short video show.

That link is here.

For a sampling of that new show see below. Notice that she’s joined forces with Revision3 (NICE !!!)

Congratulations on the new venture Cali !!


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