I’m attending, and participating in the GigaOM sponsored Structure Conference again this year. Here we talk about everything related to cloud computing; theory, implementation, utilization, security, adoption, etc.

There’s great excitement in the industry, for one since it’s still a relatively new industry; the SMB (small and medium sized business) has adopted cloud initiatives faster than the larger enterprise organizations. Here at Structure2010 we’re all looking towards solutions and strategies to help bring about that trust in the cloud to the enterprise marketplace.

Many top technology organizations are represented here; for instance, as I write this post, Werner Vogels (@werner) the CTO and VP at Amazon is talking about The State of the Cloud.

My role here in San Francisco at this conference is to network, strategize, refrain from drinking too much, and learn. Part of that learning will be my sharing what is ground-breaking in the industry with you the readers of THE Tech Scoop.

Follow the Structure2010 Conference Twitter Stream using the @structureconf hashtag.

Below is a combined widget showing many of the top panel discussions from the conference.


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