iPhone 4 Unboxing [video]

I won’t get mine until tomorrow, unfortunately. But Jon (@jon4lakers) from TechnoBuffalo has his and has put together a quick iPhone4 unboxing video.

TechnoBuffalo (@technobuffalo) is an awesome site, and I tend to watch and model some of the actions we do here at THE Tech Scoop from what they do there (so yes, a little love for my brothers in in interweb game !!)

Tomorrow morning, at 7am PST, when I get my iPhone, I will be filming all the mayhem and excitement in the line at the San Francisco Apple Store.

Have any of you got your new iPhone yet? If so, two questions

  1. What are you doing with your old phone?
  2. Are you thoroughly pleased with the new design, now that you actually have the thing in your hand?

Inquiring minds want to know…


James Hicks

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