Chef Cooks BBQ on Volcano

Icelandic chefs have put an explosive twist on the outdoor cooking classic. Following the Fimmvorduhal eruptions earlier this year, chef Fridgeir Eiriksso has been experimenting with cooking on lava to create the world’s first extreme BBQ.

The chef has harnessed the roaring 200C flow of lava to prepare a volcanic platter of shallots, soup, monk fish, and flaming lobster.

Although flocks of tourists have traveled to the site to witness the erupting volcano recently, two diners have paid £300 a head to enjoy a volatile take on the classic barbecue, accompanied with champagne and a unique table setting on top of the Volcano.

Fridgeir, who is the head chef at Reykjavik’s Holt hotel said the experiment was something of a mystery as he approached the 4,000 feet furnace:

“We did not know what to expect when we would approach the volcano, so we brought welder masks and gloves since we wanted to cook the food on the lava itself,”

“We did not use any of the gear since we were never dangerously close to the glowing lava, but it was hot around the lava field and we even had to take off our winter coats when we started cooking on the lava itself,”

Despite the oven remaining at a more-than-hot temperature, the mountain top restaurant stayed at a cool -30C allowing the two diners to keep their coats on throughout the meal.

Although the lava flow barbecue will not be a regular attraction, the chefs involved in the volcanic feast have been approached by a Hollywood producer to arrange a repeat performance.


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