New iPhone is great – no question.

iPad success numbers are fantastic as well – great to see the adoption of this “revolutionary device”

But what’s missing? What did we not get in the “One More Thing?”

What Was Missing From the WWDC Keynote ? 1Many of us enthusiasts and Apple faithful were expecting to hear something, anything about the AppleTV. Some form of firmware update, some form of new exciting offering to combat the announcements from Google and their forthcoming TV appliance.

Now, true, it’s only been about 3 hours that the WWDC conference has been open and the big ticket news obviously is the iPhone 4. So maybe before the end of the day, or the end of the conference we’ll hear some other new and exciting things come out.

Am I off base on this one? What do you think?

What about Safari 5? Do you like it?

What Was Missing From the WWDC Keynote ? 2



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