Zuckerberg in the Hot Seat at D8

Mark Zuckerberg (@finkd), CEO of Facebook, was sweating something fierce in the hot seat at D8 yesterday.

Kara and Uncle Walt seriously put it to the young Harvard grad talking about privacy controls and the stance of the Facebook leadership when it comes to sharing personal information to a limited, chosen group versus “…the entire internet.”

I’m a user of Facebook, but have locked and blocked many aspects of what it has become over the past year (I can’t stand Farmville, and I have blocked every application sending me a hug…). I have to think I’m not in the minority on that; true there are tons of folks playing Farmville and sending pokes and hugs and other random gestures, but I don’t believe, like Zuckerberg does, that users want to share their information with the entire world. Especially not as the default setting. I’d be more happy with Facebook if they locked everything down by default and allowed the user to open access to information on an individual basis.

Check out Zuckerberg in these videos and tell me what you think. It’s obvious under the hot lights and with the very poignant questions being shot his way that the hoodie he had on was making him sweat a bit.

Zuckerberg on Privacy

What’s Under the Hoodie (Making the World Open and Connected…)

You ever wondered exactly how much of your information floats around Facebook freely? Check out some of the classic fubars that people have posted on their wall:


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