DODOcase: The Coolest iPad Case

So yesterday I was pretty happy that I finally was able to pick up the leather iPad case from inCase. I honestly can’t stand the “default” case that Apple has; it looks cheap and feels cheap.

The inCase one, however, is a much improved step up since it’s leather and really looks professional.

Well, stop the presses and check this out. A San Francisco based company called DODOcase (@dodosays) has created the coolest of all iPad cases on the market. If you like and use a Moleskine…you’ll absolutely fall head over heals with the DODOcase.

These cases are made by hand of faux leather and constructed using traditional book binding techniques. The interior is made with high quality bamboo to add just that extra bit of superior craftsmanship to the case.

Check them out at their main website here. Now here’s the good and the bad news. The good news – these cases are very well priced at $49.95. The bad news – they are 4 to 6 weeks out from delivery (that’s good for DODOcases the company and shows the quality craftsmanship they utilize, but bad for us wanting one now !!)

Here is a vidoe showing how the covers are made to spark your interest even more:


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