AOL Hiring: Ambassador of Lifestream – You WANT This Job!

Picture this folks; you have a residence in San Francisco and New York City, you have VIP access to all the top concerts and events, you sit in high-level executive board meetings with folks like AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong (and your input actually matters…). Add on top of that, you get a corporate expense account and yes, all this is paid for.

What the ?!

Don’t sleep on this folks – AOL is looking for someone to serve as their Ambassador of Lifestream. It’s a Summer internship with the above listed benefits plus who knows what else.

The deal is that AOL is looking for someone to share all their experiences with social media and networks. They want the Ambassador to give their online followers a glimpse into the behind-the scenes culture of AOL.

If you are even remotely interested or curious you need to get in gear and head over to the official online application HERE.

There are a few key dates to keep in mind as well:

  • June 8th: Last day to submit applications
  • June 9th: Finalists will be notified; in-person interview may be required this week
  • Week of June 14th: Videos of Top 3 candidates posted to the web site; final winner is determined by an online vote
  • June 28th: First day on the job in San Francisco
  • Mid-August: End of internship

Good luck

Update: Finalists have been identified !!

The top 3 finalists have been identified for this awesome position and we have their bio videos listed below. Vote for your choice.

FYI, at present, we at THE Tech Scoop are supporting Steph Dub, since she’s commented on our site. Thus she gets all the love 🙂

Finalist 1: Tessa Petrich

Finalist 2: Steph Dub (@stephdub)

Finalist 3: Justin Buchbinder


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