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Shaq Has His Own App

The big man in the middle has officially stepped into the webpreneur.

Shaq‘s been tweeting for a while and has been involved in many advertising campaigns outside of his basketball career and actually this evening, the Cavaliers center sent out the following tweet.

Yep, in the Apple App Store is the official Shaq App.

Fans can now have 24/7 access and a real time link to everything that is Shaq – right in the palm of your hand.

Now the description states that you can have “direct” chat access to Shaq via Twitter or Facebook with video uploads directly from O’Neal himself. I, for one, know that Shaq has a PR agency sending out tweets and other social media updates for the big fella (shouts out to Amy Jo Martin – @DigitalRoyalty).

Features of the app include:

  • Video from the private vault including updates from Shaq himself
  • Shaq workout routines and diet advice
  • Shaq’s Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • Shaq quotes (now those are definitely going to be hilarious)
  • Links to Shaq’s favorite books, music, TV shows, apps, etc.
  • Shaq beats in the background (hmm – no comment)

For the price of $1.99 this app can be yours. Click here for the direct download link.

James Hicks

James is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HicksNewMedia, a Digital Publishing and Technology Consulting team providing effective and relevant solutions to individuals and businesses looking to more effective utilize the social interweb. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  2. “inside sources” that know some of the history tell me that I gotta show some props to Mr. Ward Andrews for his early Shaq Attack on Twitter.

    Props out to you @wardandrews

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