Telecom giant BT has announced it will launch its own version of Apple’s iPad but for customers to use solely in the home.
British Telecom Making Their Own "iPad" 1
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The company has developed what it calls a touchscreen version of a landline telephone, in the hope that it will provide an alternative to mobile phone technology.

The device, which has no name or price yet, will go on sale in the UK next year.

It was revealed by the chief executive of BT Retail Gavin Patterson at a strategy day yesterday.

Analysts were shown a prototype of the product, which will be smaller than Apple’s iPad but bigger than the iPod Touch.

The company has denied the tablet is BT’s answer to the US company’s product and has instead described it as a mini-PC designed for the kitchen or lounge with voicemail, emailing and text messaging.

It will also have “apps” to quickly tell users the day’s news or weather.

BT said the device is not meant for use out of the home at all, unlike the iPad.

The product will be sold on its own but will also be part of the internet and communication packages BT offers.


British Telecom Making Their Own "iPad" 2



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