iPad Compatible Clothing 1You read that right folks – clothing that is compatible with your iPad does in fact exist.


Entrepreneur Scott Jordan has started a clothing company, ScottEvest that specializes in technology enabled clothing.

Jordan has been doing the tech clothing thing for a number of years, but has probably landed on a geeked-out gold mine with these new products. In fact, his tech clothing “movement” has gained so much momentum that Steve Wozniak himself is now on the board of advisors for the ScottEvest company and Mr. Leo Laporte, very popular amongst the techy crowd, is an avid promoter of the clothing line as well.

Check the video below for Jordan speaking about the jackets, windbreakers and vests

Check the full line out online here. Pricing seems to be right around $100 and many sizes are available.

iPad Compatible Clothing 2

Now…who do I talk to about getting one of these to  “test out”

iPad Compatible Clothing 3



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