Lena Horne Dead at 92

Lena Horne, whose stunning beauty and unique blend of aristocratic bearing and down-home manner took her from the Cotton Club chorus line to stardom in Hollywood and on Broadway, died yesterday. She was 92. Ms. Horne died at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center. No cause of death was announced.

Ms. Horne’s singing and acting abilities were as notable as her looks. The Grammy Award winner recorded the best-selling album by a woman in the history of the RCA label, “Lena Horne at the Waldorf-Astoria.” “She’s the best female singer of songs I’ve ever heard,” the songwriter Buddy DeSylva once said. “She gives lyrics a new meaning. She puts something into a lyric that even the author didn’t know was there.”

Her performance in “Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music” won Ms. Horne a special Tony Award in 1981, and she appeared in such celebrated films as “Cabin in the Sky” and “Stormy Weather” (both 1943). The title song of the latter became Ms. Horne’s signature number. She was a Kennedy Center honoree in 1984.

This is going to make the forthcoming movie that will be starring Alicia Keys as Lena Horne even more emotional.

Peace and blessings to all touched by the majesty that was…Lena Horne.

Enjoy this tribute video to the one and only Ms. Lena Horne!

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