ClamCase is offering a solution allowing iPad owners to do the two items of primary concern right now; easily attach a keyboard and provide quality, visually pleasing protection. Yes, visually pleasing is key, face it folks, all Apple products are beautiful and one of the reasons people buy Apple products is for the aesthetics and design.

ClamCase is rolling out a hardshell protective case for the iPad that includes a Bluetooth wireless keyboard. The ClamCase doesn’t tie into the iPad’s docking port, which is great since it leaves the port free for other iPad peripherals – the keyboard pairs with the iPad device via Bluetooth. To use the case, users don’t need to do anything more complicated than pop the iPad inside and turn on the integrated keyboard’s power. (There is a power saving mode in case you forget to turn it off again when you’re done.) The case can be closed to protect the iPad while it’s being carried around, and opened 360 degrees, so the iPad can be propped up as a image or video viewer in either landscape or portrait mode. The keyboard is also compatible with other HID-compatible Bluetooth devices, so it can be used to control things like a PlayStation 3 or TiVo DVR.

There will, however, still be the need to use the onscreen hand movements to interact with many applications since there is no trackpad or mouse, but honestly, I don’t see that as a hindrance since that’s not the design function of the iPad.

The ClamCase is expected to go on sale in the third quarter of 2010; the company has not yet announced pricing. You can follow all their latest news on Twitter @clamcase.


ClamCase Adds Keyboard & Case To iPad 1


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